Fresh Off The B—-

[Contains meticulously-combed bear-fur and SPOILERS!!!]

BAngelique Cabral as 'Tony' in "Fresh Off the Boat" (ep #2.15)ecause of their disparate settings, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see an official crossover between Nahnatchka Khan‘s current series, Fresh Off the Boat, and her previous (criminally underrated) sitcom Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23… but this week’s episode of FotB did boast a cameo by Angelique Cabral, who had a brief recurring role on Apt. 23 as June’s “Office Nemesis” ‘Fox Paris’, and thus helped to craft one of my all-time fave sitcom scenes of all time!! Oddly enough, she was also playing Jessica’s “nemesis” this time around… though her character here was simply a harmless hottie who liked playing pool with our heroine’s husband, rather than an overtly malicious troublemaker or home-wrecker. Cabral was great as the oblivious innocent, playing off against a snarky Constance Wu, and the whole storyline was a winner from start to finish… so let’s hope we see more of the misleadingly-named ‘Tony’ in future episodes!

P.S. This episode also included a slow-motion, wind-machine-enhanced entrance by Wu wearing skin-tight black leather… but I’m too much of a gentleman to dwell on that… [ahem!]

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