Voxy: Week 11

Cody Frost singing on "The Voice" (UK) (ep #5.11)It was the second “Knockout Round” of The Voice (UK) last night, and Cody Frost‘s status as a “bookie’s favourite” and future headliner was once again confirmed by the way that everyone kept saving her for last: She was the final member of TeamGeorge to perform, and the last of Boy’s three picks for the Live Finals, despite the fact he’d already admitted he was a “little bit in love with her” and his rival judges had given her their nod of approval, so her selection was pretty much a foregone conclusion at that point! It also seemed as if the director was cutting to her for reaction shots more than any other contestant… but that may just be my own bias showing through, since she was the only one I was really watching for anyway…

Of course, there was always the (remote) possibility that she’d make a terrible song choice, and muck everything up… but thankfully that didn’t happen here. While Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” is a departure from the sort of soulful tear-jerker that she’s aced in previous episodes, she clearly relished the opportunity to unleash her snarling rebellious side, and impress her punk-rock-star credentials upon the audience. During rehearsals, Boy reminded her not to get so caught up in the anger of the lyrics that she lost her essential Cody-ness… so it was great to see her occasionally “breaking character” to flash a cheeky smile at her compatriots, and convey how much fun she was having on-stage. Bless. Whether she wins this competition or not, she’s definitely an artist worth following… I just wish she’d hurry up and release an album already! Gah!

Er… in the interests of off-setting my creepy obsessiveness, I should also give a shout-out to Lydia Lucy and Lyrickal, who both wowed the crowd/coaches with their powerful and idiosyncratic vocal stylings. Snaps to them.

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