Voxy: Week 12

Cody Frost singing on "The Voice" (UK) (ep #5.12)After months of pre-recorded shows, The Voice (UK) finally caught up to the present this week with its first Live Final! Whoop! Sadly, not all of the intended contenders were able to participate, as both Beth Morris (TeamPaloma) and Chloe Castro (TeamRicky) have dropped out of the process for unspecified personal reasons… which is a bit of a bummer, because I was really looking forward to seeing Chloe perform again. Ah well… clearly there’s nothing to prevent them from re-applying in the future, as this year’s crop also included a former reject-made-good… and, obviously, there’s no reason why they couldn’t establish independent careers, outside the trappings of a televised talent contest. Either way, I wish them both the best of luck…

Moving on to the singers who actually were present… my remaining faves rather coincidentally book-ended the evening, with Lydia Lucy kicking things off and Cody Frost (inevitably) closing the show. I have to say, I was rather underwhelmed by Cody’s performance this week, and worried that my TV’s speakers were on-the-blink as she kept getting drowned out by her backing track… so it was a relief when the coaches acknowledged this, identifying the “messy” sound as one of the potential pit-falls of performing live, with Will.i.am noting that it was probably a good experience for her growth as a professional artist. Thankfully Cody’s coach, Boy George, was chivalrous enough to give her his “Fast-Pass” to the Semi-Finals next week… meaning that I was spared the cost of repeatedly calling the voting hot-line to save her bacon! Instead, I decided to support Lydia… who isn’t really the sort of artist I’d normally listen to, but she really proved her mettle last night, confidently strutting/belting her way through a set-piece that wouldn’t have looked (or sounded) out of place on any professional pop show. Apparently my fellow viewers agreed with me, voting in sufficient numbers to win her a place in the next round… hurrah!

Emma Willis valiantly presenting "The Voice" (UK) (ep #5.12)In-between all the musical/theatrical excitement, there was also the nail-biting terror of watching heavily-pregnant presenter Emma Willis dashing up the steps to the stage in ridiculously high/thin heels to chat with each of the contenders! We haven’t really heard much from her in previous weeks, but she came across as a very charming/amusing hostess here, and I admire her courage and commitment to the show. Still, it’s mighty peculiar that her male (not-at-all-pregnant) co-presenter got to spend most of his segments sat on a comfy sofa, while she was racing back and forth across a shiny floor in deeply inappropriate foot-wear! A woman’s work is never done, eh?

Oh, I should also say how much I enjoyed Paloma Faith‘s energetic contribution to the coaches’ tag-team performance of T Rex’s “Get It On“. As ever, I love to see/hear her rocking out! More of that, please.

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