Happy Fox Day!

Babymetal 2015April 1st (aka “April Fool’s Day”) has always been a tiresome prank-filled nuisance in the past, but now Babymetal have blessed the day with more positive and adorable associations, by choosing it as the date for the simultaneous world-wide release* of their shiny new album Metal Resistance! Hurrah! Since I’ve been frequenting the fan forum for a while now, there’s been a long build-up of anticipation/excitement for this event, and the album is already ranking highly in the “Alternative” and “Rock” charts of various online retail sites… though I’m not sure how much of a splash it’s going to make in the high-street music stores and mainstream charts, despite the girls kindly conceding to sing more English-language lyrics this time around.

Babymetal on the cover of "Metal Hammer" (#281)Personally, I found that their first album grew increasingly addictive and enjoyable with repeated listens, and I’ve only had the chance to hear Metal Resistance once through so far… though obviously “Karate” and “The One” are already growing on me, thanks to their earlier release as promo videos. It will probably take a while to get a proper grasp on the album, to assess how it compares to its predecessor… but so far, I really like what I’ve heard. There aren’t any inexplicable reggae-breaks this time around, but there’s still plenty of genre-mashing to keep the musical side of things fresh and surprising while Su’s vocals soar away. I doubt it’s going to convert any of the band’s killjoy critics, but it certainly won’t disappoint any of their existing fans, and may even win a few new followers… especially after the girls’ upcoming appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Kitsune up!!


* Technically it was released a couple days earlier in their homeland, for tactical chart-related reasons. It should also be noted that the Japanese version has a slightly different selection of songs to the European/American version.

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