VVeep-S5-CD01eep returned for a fifth season this week, picking up after the nail-biting cliff-hanger-ending of last year’s finale, and pulling all of the regular characters back together again, while also adding another famous face to the extended ensemble: Clea DuVall has now joined the supporting cast as ‘Marjorie Palmiotti’, a Secret Service agent who’s been selected to guard precarious President ‘Selina Meyer’ (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), based largely on her supposed resemblance to the POTUS from behind. If nothing else, I think this proves what a great sport DuVall is, since she got next-to-no dialogue in this episode, and was basically just the butt of a rude running gag about how un-curvaceous she is, compared to JLD… with Selina and ‘Gary’ (Tony Hale) repeatedly shooting derisive scowls at her backside, as she bravely soldiered on ahead of them. Harsh… but funny, all the same!

Meanwhile, I’m also very happy to see ‘Amy’ returning to the Meyer fold, so we can enjoy more of Anna Chlumsky’s glorious facial contortions. That gal’s wasted in “talkies”, I tell ya!


* “Body-Double Of The President Of The United States”… that’s a thing, right?

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