Reconfiguring Kitty

Ellie Kendrick as 'Kitty Thatcham' in "Cheerful Weather for the Wedding"Back on an Ellie Kendrick kick*, I bought a Blu-Ray copy of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (2012) on eBay. It’s the Norwegian edition, but it has all the extra features, including a commentary track by director/co-writer Donald Rice, co-writer Mary Henely-Magill, and editor Stephen Haren. Although it can get a bit technical at times, the three of them enjoy a lively conversation from start to finish, and also reveal an interesting tidbit about how the casting of Ellie effected their conception of her character, ‘Kitty Thatcham’. Here’s a transcription (slightly edited for clarity):

DR: Ellie Kendrick here who plays Kitty so adorably… In the script Kitty is meant to be a very big, clumsy, cumbersome girl. And we were so taken with Ellie that we wanted her–

MHM: We made a brainy Kitty.

DR: We made a brainy, slightly nerdy, but very romantic Kitty… and we absolutely adore her version of Kitty. Some of the sort of visual jokes therefore were lost, but they were replaced with this wonderful sort of romantic battiness… and earnestness.

SH: She’s a ball of energy as well…

DR: A ball of energy and so talkative and all of that sort of stuff that Ellie brought to Kitty.

They also mention a deleted cutaway gag involving Kitty pushing a broken-down car through the rain… but sadly that’s not included on the disc, so apparently Ellie suffered for nothing on that occasion! And despite their praise for the actress, she only appears as a background extra in the “Behind the Scenes” featurette. Tch!


* As if I’m ever off her, these days!

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