A Right Royal Send-Up

Morgana Robinson as 'Pippa' in "The Windsors" (S1)It seems like forever since I’ve seen a new British sitcom I could get properly excited about, but last week The Windsors made its double-headed debut on Ch4, and renewed my faith in home-grown funnies. The series is a wonderfully silly soap-opera, centring on a bickering/back-stabbing upper-class family very loosely based on the eponymous royals… and thanks to the profusion of princesses, the cast is stacked with talented women-folk! Hurrah!

Of course, the main draw for me was Morgana Robinson playing a scheming sex-pot named ‘Pippa’, who can mesmerise men with her awe-inspiring arse… but I also really enjoyed Celeste Dring and Ellie White’s scenes as ‘Beatrice’ and ‘Eugenie’, the sweet-but-slightly-dim-witted daughters of forlorn outcast ‘Fergie’ (Katy Wix). It’s just a shame that the writers decided to recycle an old Phoenix Nights gag and lumber them with permanent (?) face-paint. Hopefully it will have washed off before the next episode! Meanwhile, Louise Ford kept an admirably straight face as ‘Kate’, selling her character’s ridiculous “gypsy” backstory with remarkable sincerity, and generating genuine sympathy from me as she faced-off against Haydn Gwynne’s malicious ‘Camilla’.

I know this show won’t be to everyone’s tastes, with its childishly irreverent take on our nation’s most illustrious toffs, but this is exactly the sort of cartoonish absurdity I eat up with a (silver) spoon!

About Dee CrowSeer

A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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