[Contains inconsiderate texting and SPOILERS!!!]

Diane Morgan as 'Philomena Cunk' (as Queen Elizabeth I) in "Cunk on Shakespeare"In a previous post, I admitted to being a little worried about whether ‘Philomena Cunk’ (Diane Morgan) and her “Moments of Wonder” format could carry a whole half-hour… but last night’s special celebrating (?) the life and work of William Shakespeare was jam-packed with more than enough ridiculous puns, absurd analogies (such as when she described Lady MacBeth as “very much the ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ to Macbeth’s ‘Pac-Man'”), mardy dismissals, and glorious gobbledegook to prove that she truly is a woman of infinite jest. Highlights included her inexplicable argument with a theatre director over the number of audience members who wear glasses, the bit where she needed to have the concept of reading explained to her by a library curator*, and her bewildering conclusion that Game of Thrones was The Bard’s magnum opus! Bless. I don’t generally give shows a rating, but if I did then this one would easily score nine “feather-pens” out of ten… though it was definitely a mistake to try watching something this funny over dinner. I was laughing so much, I almost choked a couple times. Then again, there are plenty worse ways to go than death-by-Cunk…

Diane Morgan as ‘Philomena Cunk’ for “Buzzfeed” (5/16)Oh, and while I’m here: Charlie Brooker‘s Election Wipe was up for a BAFTA last week, but lost out to Have I Got News For You. I know Morgan was present at the ceremony, because I could see her sat next to Brooker’s wife (and occasional co-writer) Konnie Huq, when they cut to him for reaction-shots… she was slightly obscured and out-of-focus, but it’s pretty easy to recognise her with that fiery hair of hers! Anyhoo, commiserations to the Wipe team for their loss… though both Morgan and Brooker have appeared as guests on HIGNFY, so it still counts as a partial victory, right?


* “Y’know when you read a word in a book, and you sort of hear that word in your head… how do they get the sounds into the ink, to make it play in your head?”

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