Happy HBC-Day!

Helena Bonham Carter as ‘Georgia’ in “Love, Nina” (S1)By pure coinky-dink I was watching Sweeney Todd last night (for the hundredth time), only to wake up this morning and discover that today is Helena Bonham Carter’s 50th birthday… though obviously it’s not polite to discuss a lady’s age, I thought it was worth mentioning here simply because it’s so hard to believe! She’s currently gracing our screens in a new BBC1 sitcom called Love, Nina, and still looks as ridiculously lovely as ever… so cheers to her, and many happy returns.

Incidentally, the star of the show is Faye Marsay, aka “The Waif” from Game of Thrones, and (much like watching Gemma Whelan in Upstart Crow and GoT), it’s very jarring to see Marsay playing a kindly quirky nanny in 1980s London one side of the weekend, and a malicious arse-kicking assassin in an old-timey Fantasy world on the other side of it! I imagine all of that dimension-hopping must be pretty disorienting for her too…

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