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“Diamonds!” “Incest!”

Comedy Central’s satirical-spoof-historical-“reality”-show Another Period returned for a well-deserved second season this week, picking up the various soapy plot threads left dangling at the end of last year’s finale, and re-introducing us to the monstrously self-absorbed Bellacourt family, and their … Continue reading

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“Of Course It’s Pink, Emily!”

I was intrigued when I discovered that CBC was airing a new all-female sketch show with the amusing/informative title of Baroness von Sketch Show… and then I got properly excited when I realised that one of the aforementioned females was … Continue reading

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I promised myself I’d stop watching Lifetime thrillers and their schlocky ilk… but when I discovered there was a TV-movie called Killing Daddy (2014) starring Elizabeth Gillies as a petty grifter intent on ending her estranged/super-wealthy father’s life after he suffers … Continue reading

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A Red Letter Day

I have a couple reasons to celebrate today… first is the release of Kroll Show: Season 3 on DVD*, and second is the anniversary of my birth, thirty-something years ago. Yay? Out of curiosity I checked the IMDb celebrity b-day … Continue reading

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A Right Royal Send-Off

[Contains the ghost of King Arthur and SPOILERS!] The first series of The Windsors went out with a bang this week… though, thankfully, it was a purely metaphorical “bang”, as the heroic ‘Wills’ (Hugh Skinner) arrived in the nick of time … Continue reading

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Quinnesis (Pt. 2)

[The second part of my ramble about DC’s beloved villainess/anti-heroine ‘Harley Quinn’, and her origins in Batman: The Animated Series (1992 to 1995), where she was both inspired and voiced by Arleen Sorkin. Contains jazzy piano riffs and SPOILERS!!!] Another … Continue reading

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A Bright Lady

This week’s episode (#1.4) of Upstart Crow saw ‘Shakespeare’ (David Mitchell) completing the last of his 154 sonnets, and electing to present the finished pieces to his twin muses, commonly known as the “fair youth” and the “dark lady”. When … Continue reading

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