A Right Royal Send-Off

[Contains the ghost of King Arthur and SPOILERS!]

Celeste Dring as ‘Eugenie’ in “The Windsors” (S1)The first series of The Windsors went out with a bang this week… though, thankfully, it was a purely metaphorical “bang”, as the heroic ‘Wills’ (Hugh Skinner) arrived in the nick of time to disable the bomb that conniving ‘Camilla’ (Haydn Gwynne) had set to blow the younger royals sky-high! In fact, it was a surprisingly action-packed finale, with a violent punch-up between Camilla and ‘Pippa’ (Morgana Robinson), and a Hunger-Games-inspired nightmare in which ‘Beatrice’ (Ellie White) and ‘Eugenie’ (Celeste Dring) were forced to fight for survival against other entitled toffs for the public’s amusement. The scene where they breathlessly discuss who’ll present the prizes at Wimbledon now that they’ve decapitated the Duke of Kent was probably my highlight of the whole series… and I love that they were still wearing their trademark “fascinators”, even while murdering distant relatives in a dystopian future. You don’t get that kind of glamour in Game of Thrones!

Overall, I thought this series started strong, and remained consistently hilarious/surprising/ridiculous throughout its run… so I was very glad to hear the continuity announcer proclaim at the end of the episode that the show will be returning for another bite of the Duchy Organic biscuit next year. Huzzah!

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