Elizabeth Gillies as ‘Callie Ross’ in “Killing Daddy”I promised myself I’d stop watching Lifetime thrillers and their schlocky ilk… but when I discovered there was a TV-movie called Killing Daddy (2014) starring Elizabeth Gillies as a petty grifter intent on ending her estranged/super-wealthy father’s life after he suffers a debilitating stroke, as revenge for him supposedly causing her mother’s suicide… well, how could I resist, dammit?

To be clear, this flick is ridiculous (and probably quite offensive, if you take its depiction of mental illness at all seriously), but at least the writer was smart enough to make their vampish villainess the lead character, rather than telling the same story from the perspective of the wholesome do-gooders she preys upon… and Gillies plays the trashy role with relish, bringing some much needed personality to the “bad girl” clichés, along with her boundless sex-appeal. Meanwhile, poor Cynthia Stevenson is lumbered with a lot of bland domestic dialogue as the father’s reality-show-addicted housekeeper (and secret lover), though she does get to do a bit more emoting towards the end of the movie, after (belatedly) discovering how devious/deadly the daughter really is… and Tori Anderson gives a charming but thankless performance as the more successful and sweet-natured step-sister, who jets off on a business-trip halfway through the story, and misses out on all the sleuthing shenanigans.

To my shame, I actually checked to see if this flick had been released on DVD yet… but (for better or worse?) it hasn’t been. On a happier note, the second season of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll will be kicking off a week from today, so I won’t have to wait very long to see Gillies strutting her stuff on-screen again…

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