“Of Course It’s Pink, Emily!”

Jennifer Whalen, Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, and Aurora Browne a la "Baroness von Sketch Show" (S1)I was intrigued when I discovered that CBC was airing a new all-female sketch show with the amusing/informative title of Baroness von Sketch Show… and then I got properly excited when I realised that one of the aforementioned females was Meredith MacNeill! Hurrah! I wasn’t quite as familiar with her collaborators/co-creators Jennifer WhalenCarolyn Taylor, and Aurora Browne, but between them they have a lengthy list of acting/writing credits, including such award-winning Canadian comedies as This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Corner Gas.

As for the sketches themselves, there weren’t any outright duds in the first episode, but a couple of them did give me a weird sense of déjà vu… and some of the punchlines were predictable, in a pleasantly comforting sort of way. It’s a funny show, for sure, and the cast are very capable and likeable… and of course it’s great to see MacNeill clowning around on-screen again… but overall it’s a fairly family-friendly, lightly-satirical-and-slapstick-y affair, that’s unlikely to blow anyone’s mind the way Kids in the Hall did, back in the day…

P.S. Apparently since I last checked her IMDb profile, MacNeill scored a lead role in a home-invasion-gone-wrong rom-com called Your Money or Your Wife (2015), which earned her an “Outstanding Performance” Award at the Atlantic Film Festival… so snaps to her for that!

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