“Diamonds!” “Incest!”

Natasha Leggero as 'Lillian Schmemmerhorn-Fish' and Riki Lindhome as 'Beatrice Downsy' in "Another Period” (S2)Comedy Central’s satirical-spoof-historical-“reality”-show Another Period returned for a well-deserved second season this week, picking up the various soapy plot threads left dangling at the end of last year’s finale, and re-introducing us to the monstrously self-absorbed Bellacourt family, and their bizarrely self-abasing staff.

Narcissistic sisters ‘Lillian’ (Natasha Leggero) and ‘Beatrice’ (Riki Lindhome) were still exiled from the family estate, attempting to eke out their fading fifteen minutes of tabloid infamy with the help of savvy self-promoter* Harriet Tubman (Bebe Drake)… while their father’s heavily pregnant mistress-turned-maid ‘Celine’ (aka “Chair”) (Christina Hendricks) was comatose and confined to bed after being shoved down a staircase by her mentally-unstable nemesis ‘Blanche’ (Beth Dover). Drama! New additions to the cast included Lauren Flans, who is now the third actress to take on the role of elder Bellacourt sister ‘Hortense’ (!), and Alice Hunter, who plays ‘Flobelle’, a recently recruited maid whose extensive knowledge of vintage dress designs and unquestioning veneration of her “social betters” immediately endears her to head butler ‘Peepers’ (Michael Ian Black)… though I assume she’ll have a few shocking secrets to reveal before the season is out (my money’s on her being another illegitimate offspring of the Commodore’s!)

Anyhoo, this was a very funny refresher that’s more than whetted my appetite for the mayhem and madness that’s sure to follow in the subsequent episodes (and several more seasons to come, I hope!). Incidentally, this premiere was written by Jen Statsky, who’s also worked on Lady Dynamite and Broad City, two sitcoms that I really enjoy but can’t quite wrap my head around… or at least, not enough to be able to bash out a coherent blog post about either of them, as yet…


* To clarify, that’s how she was portrayed in this wilfully irreverent comedy, not how I’d describe the actual historical figure. No offense intended!

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3 Responses to “Diamonds!” “Incest!”

  1. mebeki says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about another period, but this review seals the deal! I’ll definitely have to check it out this summer. Also: did you finish all of Lady Dynamite? Because I thought it was amazing! Definitely one of my new faves.

    • deecrowseer says:

      I’m pacing myself with Lady Dynamite and only watching one episode a week, but I’m definitely hooked in for the long-haul. It’s a very funny show, and Bamford is giving an incredible performance… and so many great guest-stars too!

      Hope you enjoy Another Period as much as I do. :)

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