Grace Woosley (with Denis Leary) on the set of "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" (ep #2.6)This week’s episode (#2.6) of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll featured a 13-year-old guitar-playing prodigy, who won the opportunity to hang out with the band in their rehearsal studio, and jam along with them on a couple songs. I was curious to see if the actress who played the part, Grace Woosley, was equally gifted with an “axe” off-screen… but it seems from her official site that she only started learning to play in preparation for the audition, and isn’t quite as skilled as her on-screen counterpart (yet). That said, I’m tone-deaf and completely useless at music, so she’s already way more accomplished with the instrument than I am, despite being a third of my age! Pesky. Apparently this is Grace’s first on-screen role, and it looks like she’ll be recurring in a couple more episodes, so snaps to her for that… and if the experience inspires her to become a bona fide rockstar, then more power to her elbow (and fingers, obviously)!

P.S. Weirdly the official episode description suggests that meeting her character “lead[s] Johnny (Denis Leary) to discover a new talent of his own”… but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what that’s referring to. I mean, he already knew how to write/sing songs with other people, so it can’t be that… unless he’s going to start composing for a younger audience now? Does showing support/affection to a surrogate daughter count as a “talent”? Hmmm…

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