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Sara Pascoe (and some blokes) ala "Taskmaster" (S3)Taskmaster, the comedy gameshow in which celebrities compete against each other to complete bizarre and confounding blind-challenges, returns for a third outing next week… and while I’m a fan of this very funny series overall, I can’t help raging against the decision to raise the number of contestants from four (in the first season) to five (in the second and third). Since the show airs on a channel called “Dave”, which is aimed squarely at unreconstructed blokes, there’s no point taking the “affirmative action” angle here… gender equality was never going to be on the agenda, even if a decrease from 1/4 to 1/5 seems unnecessarily regressive to me (especially considering the show also has two male co-hosts!)… but even the most belligerent chauvinist should be able to acknowledge that five is an odd number of people, indivisible by two. So last season, when they wanted to split the contestants into teams for certain tasks, they either had to draft in a (male) guest to help one team out, or they had to field uneven teams against each other… which is objectively unfair and illogical, isn’t it?

Of course, I’m not such a grump that I’d actively boycott the show, because it really is very entertaining… and at least the showrunners have the good taste/sense to choose high-calibre comedians like Roisin Conaty, Katherine Ryan (who won the second season, fyi), and now Sara Pascoe to fill the “token woman” seat!

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