Official (UK) "Game of Thrones" 2017 CalendarI was out shopping t’other day when I spotted the Official (UK) Game of Thrones 2017 Calendar, and was amused to see that ‘Lyanna Mormont’ (Bella Ramsey) had been selected as one of the twelve featured characters, despite the scant amount of screentime she’s had in the series overall (as compared to Meera or Yara, for example, who have sadly been overlooked).

Of course, Ramsey was a stand-out scene-stealer in season six, so it’s probably not too surprising that they’re cashing in on her popularity with the fans… or that she’s been spotted out on location, during filming for next year’s instalment of the epic fantasy series… which, as I understand it, might be airing a couple months later than previous seasons? Gah!!!

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