Season’s Goatings!

Black Phillip as "Santa Goat" 2016Black Phillip and I would like to wish you all a delicious Solstice/Hannukah/Xmas, and a buttery New Year!

On a more serious note, the next couple of years are clearly going to be quite rough for anyone with a functioning soul, as we batten-down-the-hatches and weather yet another shit-storm of right-wing regression… but there’s always the hope that we’ll come through it stronger and more determined and more united in our commitment to make this world a decent, peaceful, and sustainable place to live, for all “God’s children” and creatures. Either way, this is probably the best chance we’ll get to “eat, drink, and be merry”, before the 1930s revival really kicks into high goose-steppin’ gear…

About Dee CrowSeer

A comic-book writer with an interest in philosophy, equality, and diversity. He/him.
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