Dreama Walker as ‘Tiffany Simon’ in “Doubt” (S1)Aw… I was scouring the download sites for the latest episode of defence-attorney dramedy (?) Doubt this morning, only to discover that it had been cancelled, less than three weeks into its first season! To be honest, I can’t say I’m all that surprised… the central “mystery” surrounding the potential innocence/evilness of ‘Sadie’s (Katherine Heigl) high-profile-client/forbidden-love-interest was already starting to drag, and despite being the lead character in the show, I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about her beyond the fact she rides a bicycle to work… oh, and that her estranged mother is in prison for killing a cop, back in the 70’s… or something. Frankly I’m trying to blot that whole sub-plot out, because it just seemed so totally at-odds with the trying-to-be-jaunty-tone of the office and courtroom scenes. This show tried a lot of different tones on for size, and I’m not sure any of them really fit…

That said, I’m a little disappointed to see the series go bye-bye, because it deprives me of my weekly Dreama Walker fix… even if she was just typecast as another incarnation of June-from-Apt.-23 (when she disingenuously lamented her small-town origins in last week’s episode, I half-expected her to brag that her family were known as “The Honest [Simons]”!)… and I was also enjoying Lauren Blumenfeld’s performance as Sadie’s sparky assistant ‘Lucy’, although my fave supporting actress from the pilot, Clea Lewis, had already jumped ship before the series proper went into production. I swear, if there was an Emmy for throwing stink-eyes, she would’ve won it for her scenes in that episode alone!

Apparently the rest of the season might seep out at some unspecified date in the future… but I’m not holding my breath. Hopefully Walker will have booked another gig by then, and we can all put this misbegotten misfire behind us…

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