KathBum: The Troubling

Katherine Ryan in "Katherine Ryan: In Trouble"It’s been just over a year now since I went to see “TV’s Katherine Ryan” performing at our local fleapit theatre, as part of her nationwide stand-up tour… and someone (specifically Netflix) has finally had the good sense to film her hilarious show for a one-hour special, titled “Katherine Ryan: In Trouble”. Of course, many of the jokes are familiar to me now, but the audience interaction adds an unpredictable variable, so there were plenty new laughs to be had, alongside those sparked by the scripted material. Although I don’t have the most reliable of memories, her set seemed to be a little shorter and less sweary here (as they often are when broadcast on television), and it doesn’t quite capture the thrill of being there in person with Ryan telling her jokes directly to you (or, at least, to the general patch of darkness where you’re sitting), but if you haven’t been lucky enough to see her live yet, then I highly recommend seeking this special out, so that you too can appreciate the awesomeness of one of this country’s bestest stand-ups. Fun fact: According to the Decider‘s review, Ryan is only the second U.K.-based comedian to be granted an official Netflix special (after Jimmy Carr)! Go girl!

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