The Big Bat Theory

Melissa Rauch voicing ‘Harley Quinn’ for "Batman & Harley Quinn" (2017)Obsessively checking Harley Quinn’s IMDb character page finally paid off this week, with the appearance of a new official title: Batman & Harley Quinn (aka “Hits and Giggles”), a straight-to-video animated feature co-written by Bruce Timm, co-starring Kevin Conroy as Batsy, and introducing spanky new Harley-voicer Melissa Rauch! I’m still not entirely clear on when and how it will be released, but there is a great extended-trailer/behind-the-scenes-blab on YouTube, and Empire have a short-but-sweet interview with Rauch concerning her accent. Apparently, the plot involves The Caped Crusader once-again recruiting our beloved clown-girl to help him foil a fiendish doomsday plot, which leads her into direct conflict with former gal-pal ‘Poison Ivy’ (voiced by Paget Brewster)… Oh-noes!

Update: The DVD/Blu-Ray is now available to pre-order, and should be released on Aug 29th. The “deluxe” edition comes packaged with a mini-figure of Harley, which is very tempty…

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