Flashes Of Finch [Updated!!!]

Jennifer Finch (circa 2017) with the Pentax camera she’s had since she was 11!Jennifer Finch is a multi-talented woman… not only is she an “axe”-wielding-singer-songwriter (with bands such as L7, Other Star People, and The Shocker), she’s also been an “amateur” shutter-bug since the age of 13, taking thousands and thousands of photographs of punk bands, fans, and venues around the world, from the 1980s up to the present day. Unfortunately the vast majority of these images are currently “stored” on old-timey plastic negative strips and slides, which are starting to deteriorate… and so she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the preservation of her archive, via digital scanning. To quote her project description: “My long-term goal/dream is to make this archive accessible and free to anyone who wants to use these images to tell their own stories”… although the legalities of that might get a bit sticky when it comes to certain celebrities and such, it’s a noble quest which I am happy to support… both with this plug, and with actual moolah!

[The image above was stolen from her Instagram page, and apparently depicts her with the Pentax camera she’s been snapping away with since she was a youngling! Bless.]

Update (11/7/17): Hurrah! The project is now fully funded (theoretically), but there are still four days to go before the campaign closes… and Finch is now offering a new lower tier reward of a signed postcard for pledges of $4 of more!


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