[Contains a bucket of unspecified power-enhancing “chemicals” and SPOILERS!!!]

Vanessa Hudgens as ‘Emily Locke’ in “Powerless” (S1)Thanks to a New Zealand-based streaming service called TVNZ OnDemand (and some kindly pirates), I’ve now been able to watch the final three unaired episodes of Powerless… which included such highlights as ‘Emily’ (Vanessa Hudgens) cuddling a puppy (pictured), ‘Jackie’ (Christina Kirk) gaining super-speedster-powers via a careless prank gone wrong, and a very funny cameo by the late Adam West (R.I.P.) as an addled, fourth-wall-breaking Wayne Enterprises executive (ep #1.11). Sad fact: This would have been the actor’s final on-screen appearance, if the episode had actually aired in America.

Despite the absence of “Green Fury”, and a continuity-confusing re-appearance by “Crimson Fox” (Deanna Russo) in the not-really-a-finale, I really enjoyed these left-over episodes (especially ep #1.10 (aka “No Consequence Day”), in which the characters all started acting like irresponsible a-holes, in the belief that Superman would reverse time in the wake of Lois Lane’s death, and thus spare them any negative repercussions that might otherwise result from their jackassery), and still find it a little hard to understand why this show got cancelled so quickly, when NBC let Heroes lumber on for four seasons. Ah well, that’s the way the Bat-cookie crumbles, I guess…

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