“You’re Ruining The Apocalypse!”

Fans of all-female Canadian sketch-comedy had plenty to celebrate this week, as her ladyship the Baroness von Sketch Show returned for a second season… hot on the heels of the news that the show has been picked up for transmission in the U.S. (starting next month), courtesy of IFC. Interestingly the article I linked above also notes that its home network, CBC, “announced a commitment last year to boosting the number of women directing scripted series, with a goal of women comprising half or more of all directors”, so yay for that.

Jennifer Whalen, Aurora Browne, Meredith MacNeill, and Carolyn Taylor in "Baroness von Sketch Show" (S2)And, yes, the first episode of this new season was indeed directed by a female-person (specifically Yael Staav), and featured a fine selection of satirical skits… my personal fave being the one about a band of punky warrior-women in a Mad-Max-esque future, who had participated in a gendercidal purge, and are now starting to regret their haste. I also enjoyed the sketch where a mime-based miscommunication between a couple at an awkward social gathering leads to an unexpectedly violent conclusion… ‘cuz I’m a sicko like that. I don’t remember the first season being as graphic as this episode was… but that may just be because I’m getting old and forgetful now? Curiously, Meredith MacNeill was responsible for most of the onscreen blood-letting here… which only makes her more crush-worthy in my eyes (if that were possible).

Either way, it was a strong start to the season, as the show sets out its stall for a new audience, south of the border.

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