Quasi-GothWatch: Lazy Susan

Freya Parker and Celeste Dring in “Lazy Susan's Sexy Halloween Guide”Although country-bumpkins like myself only became aware of Celeste Dring after she was cast as Princess Eugenie in The Windsors, she first rose to fame as one half of the sketch-comedy duo Lazy Susan, along with fellow actress Freya Parker. They’ve scored some glowing reviews for their live shows over the years… and thankfully, they’ve also been captured on video a couple times, for posterity (but not prosperity?). Regular readers probably won’t be too surprised to learn that my fave skit (so far) is their “Sexy Halloween Guide”, in which they muck about while modelling various costumes, which they insist are “sexy”, despite the lip-stick-stained teeth, lop-sided wigs, and disturbing brags about hidden faeces! All-in-all, it’s a fantastically strange and funny spoof… though I can’t deny that seeing Dring in a goth-y witch’s outfit is also a big part of the sketch’s appeal for me. Sorry. As noted before, the “male gaze” is very adept at filtering out irony/satire, and just enjoying what it sees on the basest level…

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