Ilsana Auction

Patrick-Nagel-style portrait of ‘Ilsa’ (from “Danger 5”) by David AshbyMy long-cherished dream of establishing a museum dedicated to Natasa Ristic came one step closer to fruition this week, with the announcement that the peeps behind Australian-retro-spy-spoof Danger 5 would be auctioning off as many props, masks, costumes, and models from the show as they could salvage from the vaults of their secret volcano-island hideout.

The catalogue boasts numerous items used by Ristic’s character ‘Ilsa’ in both seasons, such as her hip-flask and “bombushka” grenade, as well as various uniforms/disguises, and a couple images of the sultry Soviet siren herself (including this rather gorgeous “Patrick-Nagel-style” portrait by David Ashby). Plus a bunch of stuff the other characters used/wore, of course…

Anyhoo, the auction kicks off on September 17th, and will run for a week… or until the world is destroyed by ego-maniacal despots… whichever comes first…

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