Quasi-GothWatch: “Tiny Jane”

Katie Stevens as ‘Jane Sloan’ in “The Bold Type” (S1)Last week, The Bold Type signed off with its “summer finale”… which, according to a rather worrying article in Variety, might also serve as the series finale, due to the disappointingly low ratings that this otherwise excellent series has racked up. Of course, as a freeloading leech I don’t have a very sturdy leg to stand on when it comes to bemoaning the size of their official/legal audience… but I do think it would be a shame if this show didn’t get the six-seasons-and-a-movie that it surely deserves. In my post about the pilot episode, I casually compared it to Sex and the City, but it’s actually proven to be a far more socially-aware and politically-engaged animal than any of its glossy “lifestyle-porn” predecessors. Thankfully, there’s also plenty of fashionista frippery and bestie-bonding in the mix, to sweeten the spoonfuls of medicine that the more serious storylines serve up… achieving an admirably adept balance between comedy and drama that many other writers’ rooms can only envy. Which is probably why the show has attracted so much positive attention in the press, even if it hasn’t been sticking enough bums to seats out there in the living rooms of “real America”. Sigh…

Katie Stevens as ‘Jane Sloan’ in “The Bold Type” (S1)But getting back to the supposed subject of this post: While junior-journalist-on-the-rise ‘Jane Sloan’ (Katie Stevens) clearly isn’t a “Goth” by any stretch of the imagination, she does have a habit of turning up at the office in all-black/mostly-black outfits with goth-y frills and lacy-bits, and absolutely rocking them. Of course, her naturally pale skin and dark hair certainly help to sell the look… so I’m always a little let-down when she shrugs off the vampiric vibes, and changes into something lighter, or more colourful (usually in the second half of the episode, oddly). I was about to say that she could be a fashion-spiration for all aspiring “Corporate Goths”… but then I found the WornOnTV web-page that provides a rundown of all her outfits, and discovered that many of the pieces she wears are from top-end designer labels, that would set you back (literally) thousands of dollars to purchase! Eep!

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