Renée Resurgent?

Lisa Nicole Carson ala “Essence” magazine (circa 2015)The 20th anniversary of Ally McBeal’s first airing (8/9/97) has inspired several “Where are they now?” articles, and I was delighted to discover that Lisa Nicole Carson is making a determined effort to revive her acting career, after a lengthy hiatus necessitated by her struggles with bipolar disorder… as outlined in an interview she gave to Essence magazine, back in 2015. Since then she’s scored a supporting role in The New Edition Story, a three-part biographical mini-series about the eponymous boy-band, which aired on BET earlier this year, and prompted numerous eye-popping red-carpet appearances. Hurrah!

Although it would be impossible for me to pick a single favourite Ally cast member, considering how talented they all were/are, Carson was a consistent scene-stealer, and a “double threat” to boot, with her singing and acting prowess… so it’s a crying shame that she hasn’t been able to enjoy the same level of success that her co-stars have, in the intervening decades. Hopefully by the time their 25th anniversary rolls around, she’ll have a series starring role and a couple gold records under her belt. Make it so!

Fun fact: The last onscreen appearance of Carson’s character, ‘Renee Raddick’, was actually a cameo in another David E. Kelley legal dramedy, Harry’s Law (2011-2012), as the judge hearing an anti-affirmative-action suit in the second season finale (ep #2.22). Naturally she also joined the main cast for a drink and impromptu musical number, after they’d all clocked off! Unfortunately that was the last episode of the show to air before it was cancelled, so it wasn’t much of a comeback… but it’s nice to know that she’s still out there laying down the law in some unseen corner of the Kelley-verse…

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