R.I.P. Stevie Ryan (1984 – 2017)

R.I.P. Stevie Ryan (1984 – 2017)This morning I Googled Stevie Ryan’s name on a random whim, and was horrified to discover that she’d hanged herself in July, after a bout of depression linked to the death of her grandfather. She was only 33 years-old, and an incredibly talented mimic/comedian… not to mention very beautiful, for what it’s worth… so I was deeply saddened by this belated news. I wasn’t able to watch the second season of Stevie TV, but several sketches from the first season have snagged in my brain, to become part of my vocabulary… and her songs still make me laugh whenever I play them (especially “Goth Blocked”)… and it’s a tragedy/travesty that all we have left of her now is a handful of YouTube clips, when she had so much potential and promise as a performer.

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