Ilsana Auction (Ended)

Patrick-Nagel-style portrait of ‘Ilsa’ (from “Danger 5”) by David AshbyThe eBay auction of various props, masks, costumes, and models from the Australian-retro-spy-spoof series Danger 5 has concluded, with some seriously jaw-dropping amounts of money changing hands. Inexplicably, the highest-earning item was a fake magazine titled “Sensible Chuckle”, which went for a staggering ten-and-a-half grand (£10,674.56, to be precise), after attracting a hundred eager bidders! Why anyone would pay that much for something that hasn’t even been worn/signed by Natasa Ristic is beyond me… but her season one uniform (plus accessories) went for a measly four-hundred pounds (£418.73), with just 35 bids, while the pop-art portrait of her by David Ashby went for roughly the same amount (£389.24), with 59 bids. Sadly, even the “cheapest” items (such as the “Bombushka!” grenade, which went for £159.23, with 49 bids) were too expensive for me, so the construction of my shrine to sultry secret-agent ‘Ilsa’ will have to be put on hold indefinitely. Sniffle.

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