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Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan in “Get Krack!n” (S1)The first season of Get Krack!n screeched to a halt last week, and the eight episodes just seem to have flown by! For those who haven’t seen it, this vicious Australian spoof of daytime “magazine” television stars co-writers Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan as the slowly-unravelling hosts of a would-be-breezy breakfast show, that is constantly verging on (and often plunging head-first into) a nervous breakdown, due to its extremely-early-morning timeslot, and the relative inexperience/ambivalence of its fictional cast and crew.

At first I thought the show was vastly inferior to its creators’ previous collaboration, The Katering Show… but by the end of the second instalment, I realised that this was because I was trying to read all of the jokey captions/news-crawls when they appeared, and missing what was actually happening in the scenes behind them. So I resolved to watch every episode twice… first paying attention to the action/dialogue, and then looping back around to focus on the text… thus allowing me to properly appreciate how densely-packed and hilarious the show really was. It’s like the comedic equivalent of a Beach Boys album… you’re smacked in the face with a wall of jokes, operating on a variety of levels, from the silly, to the sweary, to the satirical, to the unsettling… and it takes a couple passes to absorb it all on a conscious level. Meanwhile, the format of the show allows them to tackle a mind-boggling array of topics, from Katy Perry to kids’ lunches to Aboriginal reconciliation, all with the help/hindrance of their many guests and “Kracksperts”, played by the likes of Anne Edmonds, Charlotte Nicdao, Michelle Lim Davidson, Kat Stewart, Miranda Tapsell, Nakkiah Lui, Ming-Zhu Hii, Deborah Mailman, Madeleine West, and Robyn Butler.

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan in “Get Krack!n” (S1)I was impressed by the Kates’ commitment to “positive discrimination”, both in terms of the actors they cast, and the way in which they tackled various hot-button issues… though their marked tendency to side with ethnic/oppressed-minorities while snarkily deriding the white-majority/patriarchy seems to have provoked a bit of a backlash in the user-review sections of sites like IMDb. Personally, I consider McCartney & McLennan to be two of the sharpest and funniest comedians on the planet right now, but I can see how this sort of irreverent vulgarity might not be to everyone’s taste… and that’s fine, so long as there are enough fans pulling strings at ABC to ensure these girls* get a second season!

Note: Earlier this morning (UK-time) a couple of props from the show’s faux-infomercials were put up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to various good causes… but before I even had a chance to figure out the exchange rate, the bidding war had escalated well beyond my meagre means. Dammit!


* Correction: They’re thirty-seven-year-old women!

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