Happy Halloween! (2017)

Sadly the spookiest (and therefore best) month of the year is coming to an end now, and all of those adorable smiley pumpkins and skellingtons are already being nudged off the supermarket shelves by Santa and his snobby reindeer. Boo!

Kate McLennan in costume for a Halloween skit on “Get Krack!n” (S1)However, there’s still some spine-tingling fun to be had courtesy of the Get Krack!n gals, who’ve posted a (NSFW) skit to mark the occasion, and comment on our all-too-real geo-political horrorscape. Meanwhile, Samantha Bee has provided some simpatico last-minute costume ideas inspired by the demonic residents of what she calls “the swirling hell pit of the White House”. Eeek!

* Kate McLennan wore that same Frankenstein’s-Monster costume for a couple scenes in a previous episode of the series, and it genuinely freaks me out, because I can hear her voice coming from the character, but I can’t see her underneath the make-up/wig, so there’s a really unsettling dissonance there. Shudder.

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