Kittens For Sale!

The Lounge Kittens circa 2017Britain’s foremost lounge-style-rock/rap-covers comedy act, The Lounge Kittens, are having an end-of-year-ish sale over on their site, and that means you can pick up their debut E.P. (Just The Tip) and album (Sequins & C-Bombs) for a song. Pun! They’ve also slashed the prices of their T-shirts, but most are only available in “small” sizes at this point.*

Sadly, when the Kittens passed through my neck-of-the-woods earlier this year, it was to host a vocal-training workshop, rather than to play an actual gig… and I’m totally tone-deaf, so if I had gone along it would have just been a huge embarrassment for me, and an ear-ache for everyone else… so I just sat at home and watched their videos from a safe distance instead. Hopefully they’ll be putting out another album soon (apocalypse-permitting), or at least giving a proper live performance a little closer to my Hobbit-hole…


* Those pesky small people get all the best/cheapest clothes! Tch!

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