Sink Or Swim (Redux)

Every now and then I try to check the links I’ve posted here, to see if they’re still active… and earlier this morning my attention was drawn to the fact that one year on, The Nottingham Post has taken down its post-task-win interview with former The Apprentice (UK) hopeful Frances Bishop (presumably because they don’t have infinite server-space to store all their old articles on?) Anyhoo, for the sake of posterity, I’ve salvaged the page using the marvellous Internet Archive “Wayback Machine”:

Frances Bishop a la "The Apprentice" (UK) 2016Project manager Frances Bishop finally wins a task on The Apprentice

By Stewart Thorpe – Posted: November 17, 2016

Keyworth’s Frances Bishop celebrated her first victory in The Apprentice after six consecutive losses brought her closer to Lord Sugar’s firing line last week. The Pud! store business owner and reality game show contestant coasted to victory as Team Nebula’s project manager turning on her “totalitarian” side to secure her first win. Episode six, screened last week, left Frances as the only person in the process not to win a task and Lord Sugar warned the 25-year-old that she needed to impress. Following his remark, the business tycoon appointed Frances and Karthik to lead Team Nebula and Team Titan, respectively, in this week’s sales task.

Candidates were tasked with tapping into one of the UK’s biggest markets – the boating and leisure industry. Speaking to the Post Frances, who was tasked with managing Sofiane, Jessica, Trishna and Paul, said: “I only had a few minutes to get a strategy together with my team. I knew that Paul and Sofia didn’t work well together and split them up and I knew that Paul would be a good sub team leader. There were all a bit taken aback because I had such a strategy quite quickly.” Coupled with Harrods worker Sofia, Frances’ sub team took responsibility for selling the high-end items with surprising success in the dreary weather conditions – especially considering Frances cannot swim. “The BBC said if you can’t swim you can’t do it but I wrote a declaration saying that if anything goes wrong I take that risk upon myself,” said Frances. “Thankfully it was fine. I didn’t die.”

After picking their products to take to the Poole Harbour Boat Show, for once, Team Nebula team ended up more successful than Team Titan. “When they were reading out the results I actually cried. I was like ‘I have finally won!'”, added Frances. “The strategy was sell, sell, sell and that is what we did. Normally I have quite a relaxed management style but if you don’t know the people you have to lay down the law and I was dealing with some big characters.” Team Titan finished with almost £43,000 in sales whilst Karthik – despite calling himself a “brilliant project manager” for ‘project managing’ his son’s conception – lead Team Titan to defeat as they took home just £188.90.

Frances Bishop in "The Apprentice" (UK) (ep #12.7)Frances’ victorious Team Nebula went to one of the world’s most famous rowing clubs – The Leander Club – where they were met by double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell for a rowing lesson. Frances said: “It was fun to finally get to go on a treat but James Cracknell was taking the mic out of me because I can’t swim. I was the only one made to wear a life jacket!”

Since then Bishop has scaled the heck out of her Pud Store chain, which recently won “Best Independent Apparel Retailer” (2017) at the Progressive Preschool Awards. So snaps to her (and her staff) for that.

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