Deck The Halls With Bots

"Christmas seems to be here, and we thought we should tell you that."I only discovered the surreal comedy-genius of Botnik Studios a couple days ago, via an article in The Guardian, but the site’s already given my belly-muscles a serious work-out (which I’m very grateful for, considering all the cheese and cakes I’ll be scoffing this month), so I thought I’d share their festive family newsletter with y’all, in honour of the occasion. As far as I can make out, the peeps running the site use a predictive text keyboard to generate a stream of glorious nonsense (randomly drawn from a reserve of relevant text), and then cherry-pick/polish the choicest nuggets for public consumption. Bless ’em.

So far my faves include their excerpt from a nightmarish Harry Potter novel (Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash), and a spec script for an episode of The X-Files (modestly titled “Coveralls”) which I would dearly love to see the real cast act out someday…

Anyhoo, I hope everyone out there in imaginary-reader land is having a happy holiday, and snagging some exciting bargains in the sales… I picked up the Funko “Log Lady” figure for a fiver, which has made me very merry indeed! The wine helps too, of course…

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