“Pogo! Pogo! Pogo! Pogo!”

Back in November I was bemoaning the fact that Britain’s foremost (and funniest) rock/rap-covers comedy act, The Lounge Kittens, hadn’t played any gigs near me, and hoped that there might be some coming up in the near future… then, less than a fortnight later, my whiney wish was granted, when they revealed that they’d arranged a couple special live appearances for February 2018, in honour of Independent Venues Week. Not only were tickets for the Bournemouth show a total bargain, I also discovered that the chosen venue (Sound Circus) was literally just-across-the-street from the train station (and had very positive word-of-mouth on t’internet), meaning I had absolutely no excuses to be a lazy/antisocial stay-at-home potato.

The Lounge Kittens @ Sound Circus - Bournemouth (2/18)

I bought my ticket early, and waited for the weeks to grind by… only for a hugely disappointing bombshell to drop on the morning of the gig itself, with the announcement that TLK wouldn’t actually be taking to the stage until 9:45pm, a mere half-hour before the last train home (for me) departed the station. I was faced with a gruelling choice: Either leave early to catch the train and miss a sizeable chunk of the show, or stay to the end and be stranded in a strange-ish town for the night! I had spine-chilling visions of being forced to ride a night-bus around and around the borough just to stay warm, while I waited for the trains to start running again the next morning… but apparently all of that fretting was just a foolish, shaky-legged waste of sweat, because the angels (or possibly the Super-Moon?) were smiling down on me that night, and they somehow managed to delay the final train by a full hour. Hurrah!*

Consequently, I was mighty glad that I chose to chance it, and enjoy TLK’s set to the fullest, because it was honestly the best night out I’ve had in years. Their sweary three-part harmonies sounded just as gorgeous in person as they do on record, with the added bonus of hilarious facial expressions, minxy dance moves, and adorable between-song banter… which I can’t really repeat here, because I’m sure it would sound a lot ruder coming out of my fingertips, than it does coming from the mouths of good friends ribbing each other. All in all, it seemed like they were having a great time up on stage, and thankfully we were all invited to share in the fun, with joyful singalongs during their marathon mash-up medleys. I can’t even imagine how anyone could sing those things as beautifully and relentlessly as they do without passing out, but I guess it’s a combination of natural talent and tireless practice? Certainly you can’t accuse them of resting on their laurels, as they actually have/had another three (sold out) shows scheduled for the next day (today) in Southampton, including two (non-sweary) all-ages matinees!

The Lounge Kittens @ Sound Circus - Bournemouth (2/18)

With all that on their plate, we could’ve easily forgiven them for wanting an early night, but as soon as they’d finished their set the Kittens hot-footed it straight from the stage to the bar area to chat with their fans, and pose for pics, without so much as a sit-down or a backstage tea-break beforehand! Bless ‘em. Sadly I decided not to take my camera along (because of all the hopelessly blurry disappointments I’ve captured with that thing at previous live events), so I have no photographic evidence to prove I was there (the above pictures were snaffled from their Twitter feed)… but I did buy a T-shirt and a badge as souvenirs, after self-consciously/awkwardly explaining that I already owned their album and E.P., otherwise I’d obviously have bought them too. Because they are ace.

P.S. The title of this post is a reference to my fave song in TLK’s repertoire, “Bounce”, originally recorded by System of a Down. The repeating “pogo” line makes me laugh hysterically every time I hear it, and last night was no exception… which is unfortunate, because I have a very unattractive/unmanly laugh… thankfully no one turned to glare at me, or ask who’d accidentally let a braying donkey into the club…

P.P.S. Since the point of IVW is to shine a light on smaller venues, I should also say how much I loved Sound Circus, and heartily concur with the online reviews regarding the friendliness of the staff. It felt very homey somehow, and they had some great rock/metal songs playing between acts, so if you’re ever in the area and looking for a hang-out, then I highly recommend it.

* Though I doubt the people who were actually expecting it to be on time were quite so happy, of course…

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