D&C’s L.P. E.T.A. F.Y.I.

Daphne & Celeste circa 2018Fans of super-cute snarky synth-pop rejoice! Daphne and Celeste have (finally) reunited with composer Max Tundra to produce a album full of shiny new tracks, modestly titled “Daphne & Celeste Save The World”, due for release on March 30th (and available for pre-order via their website, in a bumper variety of bundles and formats (including cassette!)). This exciting announcement was accompanied by a lyric video for their latest release, “BB”, a song that sees the dynamic duo taking aim at Bob-Dylan-aping “basic buskers”, and their ubiquity across the airwaves. Fair’nuff. Meanwhile, tickets are on sale for a pre-release live performance at The Dome and Heaven in London, just a couple days before the album drops (March 27th, to be precise). Hurrah!

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