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Couched But Uncompromised

A couple years back, I wrote quite a dickish post about the Garfunkel And Oates TV series, and their chosen singing style within the context of that sitcom… but since then I’ve become addicted to their albums, and frequently find … Continue reading

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The D+C Files

Earlier this week, super-cute electro-pop-saviours Daphne & Celeste released the video for their latest single, “Alarms”, in which our heroines make first contact with an unidentified alien*, and proceed to feed it, read to it, and pillow fight it, until … Continue reading

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Get In!

This weekend, I was idly Googling for new Chelsea Peretti videos, when I was confronted with the results pictured here. I was actually quite offended (on her behalf) by the headline… and even more-so by the fact that when I followed the … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago, with eff-all fanfare, the Beeb began broadcasting The Archiveologists, a six-part series of spoof-documentary shorts, for which Diane Morgan and Joe Wilkinson have re-dubbed/re-purposed old-timey archive footage, to “put their own twisted comedy spin on British social … Continue reading

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