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Screen-cap of a web-search, circa 4/3/18This weekend, I was idly Googling for new Chelsea Peretti videos, when I was confronted with the results pictured here. I was actually quite offended (on her behalf) by the headline… and even more-so by the fact that when I followed the link, the article wasn’t really about Peretti at all… it’s a brief summary of Peele’s career to-date, featuring a single line identifying his wifey as a “comedian and Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress”, followed by a jokey tweet from her about Get Out. Meanwhile the largely-unrelated embedded video rather ironically declares that this is the year when “women are stepping into their power”. Dammit, InStyle, you really suck at Feminism!

That said, I was pleased to discover this morning that her high-profile hubby has become the first black writer to bag an Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay”, which he can now add to the many other awards that he and his stunning debut feature have collected thus far. The fact that he achieved this barrier-breaking feat with a horror-comedy flick is all the more impressive, and I’m extremely envious of how he managed to explore so many touchy cultural/political issues, while also scoring solid laughs, within the formula/framework of a “genre” story. Kudos!

P.S. Oh, and a shout-out to Allison Williams and Betty Gabriel for their sterling work as “supporting actresses”… I’d have given them both a nomination, at the very least…

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