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Daphne & Celeste in the video for "Alarms"Earlier this week, super-cute electro-pop-saviours Daphne & Celeste released the video for their latest single, “Alarms”, in which our heroines make first contact with an unidentified alien*, and proceed to feed it, read to it, and pillow fight it, until it (literally) coughs up its secrets. M’kay. Apparently the vinyl edition boasts a cover of “Hi-Fidelity” from Fame as a B-side, which isn’t available in a digital format as yet (boo!), but can be previewed at this handy site.

Meanwhile, they’ve also been giving plenty interviews to promote their imminent new album, including this one for Dazed in which they wax retrospective about their contemporaries from the turn-of-the-millennium music scene** … and this one for i-D in which they reveal that the “nice guys” from Slipknot offered them a (metaphorical) shoulder to cry on after being bottled off the stage at Reading festival, back in the day. Believe it or not, there’s actually a surprising/pleasing amount of crossover between D&C and many of my fave metal acts… such as the heartfelt tribute to Lemmy (of Motörhead fame) that Celeste posted via her Instagram page, following his passing. Bless.

* Er… am I the only one who thinks that alien kinda looks like a giant furry phallus? Was that intentional…?

** They also discuss the original “darker” video for their debut single “Ooh Stick You”, which I never even knew existed before… it’s kinda like a lost episode of Misfits, with them using evil mind-control powers to make random Londoners lip-sync to the song!


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