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“I Don’t Think Marxism’s For Me.”

[Contains dodgy “diet” smoothies and SPOILERS!!!] Although I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the actual royal wedding that’s taking place up in London today, I will be celebrating the fact that it provided plenty more fodder for the writers of Ch4’s … Continue reading

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Die Harderer

Jinkies! Last Thursday (10/5) Fox cruelly cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, after five consistently funny seasons… then the very next day, NBC picked up the tab, and ordered thirteen shiny new episodes! Hurrah! In the show’s remarkably brief “limbo” period of non-existence, … Continue reading

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Taskmaster Infinity?

Quirky-celebrity-challenge-show Taskmaster (still one of the most reliably/painfully funny things on British TV, despite my lingering disapproval of the gender imbalance/uneven teams) returned for a sixth “season” this week, with an expanded run of ten episodes (as compared to last season’s … Continue reading

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“Make America Kosher Again!”

On a random whim, I decided to Google the long-awaited Hebrew Hammer sequel, to see if that was any closer to becoming a reality yet… and discovered a very funny new five-minute skit, starring Adam Goldberg and Judy Greer, in … Continue reading

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Bellyful Of Laughs

I kinda resent the way that Netflix has become a byword for TV-viewing in general, but can’t deny that they’ve been putting out some great shows lately… such as Natasha Leggero & Moshe Kasher’s Honeymoon Stand Up Special, which was … Continue reading

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