“Make America Kosher Again!”

Judy Greer as 'Esther' in "The Hebrew Hammer is Back: Make America Kosher Again!" (#MAKA)On a random whim, I decided to Google the long-awaited Hebrew Hammer sequel, to see if that was any closer to becoming a reality yet… and discovered a very funny new six-minute skit, starring Adam Goldberg and Judy Greer, in which the character awakens from a decade-long (wine-cooler-induced) coma in the present day, and gets slapped in the face with Trump’s inexplicably-successful presidential campaign. Although it works perfectly as a self-contained-sketch/short-horror-flick, the video also serves as a pre-production promo for the sequel’s fundraising page at Microventures. Unfortunately it seems to be more of a grown-up investment scheme, rather than a fan-friendly merch-sale, and I don’t really have the cash to splash on that sort of thing… but if I did have deeper pockets, then I’d definitely be taking a punt on this, because I just checked my watch, and it’s already half-past-Hammer-time!

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