Taskmaster Infinity?

Liza Tarbuck a la "Taskmaster" (S6)Quirky-celebrity-challenge-show Taskmaster (still one of the most reliably/painfully funny things on British TV, despite my lingering disapproval of the gender imbalance/uneven teams) returned for a sixth “season” this week, with an expanded run of ten episodes (as compared to last season’s eight, and the first season’s six). Hurrah! Meanwhile, it was announced that three more (ten-episode) seasons have already been commissioned to follow along at some point in the future, so this format could well outlive us all! Oh, and a much shorter-and-shoutier American version was launched earlier this week on Comedy Central, but the less said about that the better… though obviously if you’ve never seen the original (from which all the tasks were recycled), it might be more enjoyable in its own right…?

Anyhoo, this time around the female contestants are actress/presenter Liza Tarbuck and model/presenter Alice Levine. I’ve had a long-standing crush on Tarbuck since the late-1980s (thanks to the sitcom Watching), and she’s always been very high on my hypothetical-dinner-party-guest-list, so it was great to see her mucking in here, with her trademark warmth and wit… by contrast, Levine was an unknown quantity, but she won me over in the very first round with the nonchalant announcement that her submission for the “Best Liquid” prize was a vial of her own blood! Her entry in the “Wheelbarrow Stunt” task was also a well thought-out and flawlessly executed visual gag, with some properly Hitchcockian suspense leading up to the shocking punchline. So, snaps to her for that… though I refuse to choose between them at this early stage…

P.S. The Radio Times site has an interesting interview with series director Andy Devonshire, which reveals how the show is assembled… in case you’re curious…

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