“I Don’t Think Marxism’s For Me.”

[Contains dodgy “diet” smoothies and SPOILERS!!!]

Ellie White and Celeste Dring as ‘Beatrice’ and ‘Eugenie’ ala "The Windsors Royal Wedding Special"Although I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the actual royal wedding that’s taking place up in London today, I will be celebrating the fact that it provided plenty more fodder for the writers of Ch4’s snarky spoof The Windsors, whose one-hour special aired earlier this week… and what a spectacular special it was!

From Meghan’s hysterical pre-emptive acceptance of Harry’s proposal, to Pippa’s plot to fatten-up an unsuspecting Kate, to Fergie’s surprisingly sweet/noble “Golden Ticket” giveaway, to Will’s face-off with the “Tramp-Catcher”, and Beatrice’s rather ill-considered romance with Jeremy Corbyn… the episode was just a super-fun string of hilarious highlights! Haydn Gwynne (‘Camilla’), Louise Ford (‘Kate’), Morgana Robinson (‘Pippa’), Ellie White (‘Beatrice’), Katy Wix (‘Fergie’), Celeste Dring (‘Eugenie’), Vicki Pepperdine (‘Princess Anne’), and Kathryn Drysdale (‘Meghan’) were all on top-form once again, bringing their cartoon-y caricatures to strangely-loveable life… though I was a little disappointed that Dring didn’t get more to do here (beyond describing the ideal night out in London: “Dinner, then theatre, then dinner again”)… thankfully, I can always go back to watch the in-character “wedding fashion vlog” that she and White recorded for Marie Claire, which was also referenced/briefly-cannibalised in this episode.

Ellie White as 'Anne' and Vicki Pepperdine as 'Alison' ala "Ellie White & Vicki Pepperdine's Summer"Oh, and while we’re on the subject of cast-members moonlighting, Pepperdine and White wrote a Summer Comedy Short for SkyTV together, starring themselves as a morris-dancing mother and daughter preparing for an “important” public performance… while Wix (who also appeared in the aforementioned short) wrote a (NSFW) sketch about an eccentric hypnotherapist and her unfortunate new patient, played once again by White! Besides being very funny, these comedy collabs suggest that the cast are all good chums off-screen, which always warms me cockles…

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