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It occurred to me t’other day that I hadn’t watched anything with Emily Perkins in for a while, so I swiftly corrected that egregious oversight by checking out her cameo appearances in Supernatural… a surprisingly-long-running series which I’ve already written several grumpy, self-righteous rants about, after watching the first three seasons on DVD many years ago. Skipping to the fifth season’s premiere for EP’s debut as metafictional fangirl ‘Becky Rosen’ was a little disorienting, but thankfully the pre-episode summary of the “road so far” caught me up on most of the major characters and conflicts…

Emily Perkins as ‘Becky Rosen’ in “Supernatural” (ep #5.1)Apparently at some point in the fourth season (ep #4.18, in fact), the monster-busting brothers ‘Sam’ (Jared Padalecki) and ‘Dean’ (Jensen Ackles) encountered a prophetic author named ‘Chuck’ (Rob Benedict), who had been publishing his inexplicable visions of their escapades in the form of pulp Fantasy novels. Having since attracted the attention of various ill-intentioned Angels, in ep #5.1 he attempts to use his self-proclaimed (and uber-slashy) “number one fan” Becky as a proxy, to pass a warning on to the Winchesters, without leading his stalkers to their hotel hidey-hole. While there, she gleefully exploits the opportunity to make goo-goo eyes at Sam, and lay her hands on his meaty chest… much to the (lucky?) man’s discomfort. As expected, Perkins is totally on-point, milking her two brief scenes for every laugh she can, with her trademark intensity and drooling objectification of the show’s macho stars. In a word, she’s awesome (as-per-usual), and while the character may have been conceived to gently mock the show’s own (predominantly?) female fanbase, Perkins is such a high-class/hilarious actress, that it has to rank as a compliment, all the same… and the seemingly cryptic information she passes on to them turns out to be pretty useful in the end, so she has that going for her too!

Emily Perkins as ‘Becky Rosen’ in “Supernatural” (ep #5.9)Becky’s second rendezvous with the Winchesters (in ep #5.9) gets off to a rocky start, as she tricks the brothers into attending The First Annual Supernatural Fan Convention, by “borrowing” Chuck’s phone and texting them an alert about an unspecified life-and-death emergency. Luckily (?) for her, the hotel that’s hosting the event turns out to be haunted for realsies, so the boys are too busy saving their fans from murderous spirits to reprimand her too harshly for the initial ruse. Once again, Becky scores an “A+” for adorability… and it’s gratifying to see Chuck getting jealous of all the heated looks (and weird/sexy hand-licking winks) that she directs at Sam, thus acknowledging that she is in fact a total catch, and not the total turn-off that a lesser show might depict her as. I also love the fact that after expressing her disappointment in Dean the first time she met him in the flesh, she completely blanks him in this episode, as if he’s nothing more than Sam’s shadow! Tee hee. Oh, and in the final scene she once again passes on a vital piece of intel, alerting her hero to the possible possessor of his lost demon-killin’ Colt, thanks to a scene she’d read in one of Chuck’s vision-based-books, that Sam and Dean weren’t privy to (because they’re too bitter about being fictionalised to actually bother reading them, apparently). So (ginger) snaps to her for that.

Emily Perkins as ‘Becky Rosen’ in “Supernatural” (ep #7.8)Fun fact: Although the majority of the “fans” shown in this episode are male (certainly the ones with speaking roles, anyway), one blog post I found about a real-life Supernatural convention in 2014 claimed that women out-numbered men by a ratio of 4:1!

After two episodes as a (slightly gropey) goodie, Becky takes a hard heel-turn towards The Dark Side in ep #7.8, doping Sam with a “love potion” that she acquires from a local party-planner/“wiccan”, which works so effectively that the two of them are soon skipping merrily up the aisle for a “quicky” Vegas wedding. Naturally, surly brother Dean is super-suspicious (and weirdly, sounds a lot gruffer than I remember him from the previous episodes), especially when news comes to light of other townsfolk getting their fantasies fulfilled before meeting with mysterious deadly “accidents”, and he sets out to investigate with the help of temporary sidekick/surrogate ‘Garth’ (guest-star DJ Qualls!). Meanwhile, newlyweds Becky and Sam are also on the case, but hampered by the fact that Sam’s under a spell (to which he’s slowly developing an immunity), and Becky refuses to accept that her charming chum/enabler might be an evil demon intent on acquiring her soul in exchange for more of the heartwarming/brainwashing elixir she needs to keep her hubby from wising up.

Emily Perkins as ‘Becky Rosen’ in “Supernatural” (ep #7.8)Objectively, our heroine’s actions are extremely icky throughout the first half of this story, though the writers are careful to establish that she’s “taking it slow” with Sam, and the couple haven’t consummated their vows yet (which would be date-rape, obvs)… even so, the way she hogties him to a bed in her “romantic” cabin-in-the-woods after the potion runs out is straight-up kidnapping, whichever way you slice it. It’s all played for laughs, of course, and Perkins is endearing enough to make you somewhat sympathetic to her character’s long-suffering loneliness, even as she’s crossing numerous moral/legal lines to alleviate it. Thank goodness she eventually sees the light, and helps the brothers (plus one) out by acting as demon-bait, and even personally saves Sam’s skin by killing one of the baddies with a surprise backstab, instead of fleeing to safety as she’s instructed to. Bless.

So, all was forgiven in the end… onscreen, at least… I’m not sure how regular viewers felt about her behaviour, but this episode marked her last appearance in the series to date, and seven whole seasons/years have passed since then! According to the show’s unofficial wiki, Becky has been mentioned a couple times in passing by the main characters, but never in a nostalgic “Gee, I miss that crazy gal… let’s go see how she’s doing!” sorta-way, sadly.

Merchandise-wise, she wasn’t popular enough to warrant an action figure, but there are a couple trading cards bearing her likeness, including a limited edition autograph card, and “costume cards” containing scraps of material she supposedly wore on the show… which, yes, I would totally buy if I had more cash to splash…

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