Best Wishes To Blue

Madeline Blue circa 6/18I was checking a couple Instagram pages yesterday, and was shocked to discover that Madeline Blue has been in a serious car accident. According to her post, she spent twelve hours in the E.R., after sustaining injuries including a burnt forearm and a split lip, but is now recuperating and recalibrating at home.

She also muses on the cost of vanity (both financial, physical, and metaphysical), as she waits to see what scars (if any) will remain as a reminder, and how that may affect her onscreen career. I know it’s none of my business, but the latest season of The Bridge (aka “Bron/Broen”) is on TV at the moment, and that show’s star, Sofia Helin, has a very obvious scar around/across her mouth (from a bicycle accident many years ago), which doesn’t seem to have hampered her prospects, or distracted from her dazzling talent. To quote a 2012 interview she gave to The Guardian: “At first I couldn’t even be grateful I had survived the accident, because I was so upset. But it gave me more confidence in the end, because I thought, ‘OK, I have a scar, but maybe I have something more to me than the way I look.'”

Likewise, there’s much more to Blue’s appeal than her looks… it’s her energy and expressiveness that make her stand out from the crowd. I’d even argue that scars make an actor more “real”, relatable, and recognisable… which could be valuable assets in such a crowded and competitive field… though, obviously I’m no expert, and this sort of thing is a lot easier to say when you’re on the outside observing from afar, rather than the actual person going through the experience first-hand! Either way, I wish her the very best, and am sending healing vibes her way.

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