New Nixey!

Super Deluxe Edition has posted an interview with my homegirl Sarah Nixey, in which she discusses (among other things) how she was sweet-talked into joining Black Box Recorder back in the day, and what she’s been up to since the band’s break-up in 2010. Aside from her early shunning of “the working world, which I decided pretty quickly I didn’t want to be part of”, I was also cheered by her genuine joy over appearing on Top of the Pops, to celebrate the success of the group’s slinky ode to sex-education, “The Facts of Life“. And the article ends on a very upbeat, with the news that Ms. Nixey will be releasing a new solo album (Night Walks) in “early October”, preceded by a lead-single, “Coming Up For Air”, on July 13th. Hurrah!

Sarah Nixey 5/11Meanwhile, I’m still kicking myself for not going up to London to see Luke Haines play The Lexington in May, where he was briefly joined onstage by Nixey and John Moore for a rather relaxed BBR “reunion”. Thankfully some kind soul has posted videos of them performing “England Made Me” and “Child Psychology” on the tubes, for sun-dodging lazybones like me to enjoy. The impetus for this impromptu musical meet-up was the (then) forthcoming release of Life Is Unfair, a shiny new box-set containing all three of BBR’s excellent studio albums, along with a bonus disc of B-sides/rarities, and a DVD of their promo videos and a couple live performances. I already own about 80% of this material (and several extra tracks which were omitted from this release without explanation), so it isn’t at the top of my personal shopping list… but it is incredibly good value for anyone who has some gaps to fill in their CD collection… and I am very covetous of the DVD, which offers a significant upgrade over the low-res videos that appeared on the (so-called) “Worst of” compilation…

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