Too Little Time

Laura Dern as ‘Clementine’ in “The Good Time Girls” (2017)Browsing Annalise Basso’s IMDb page t’other day alerted me to the existence of a short (NSFW) western joint called The Good Time Girls (2017), directed and co-written by Courtney Hoffman (with Lucy Teitler), who’s worked as a costume designer on numerous big-name movies, though the one that really leaps out here is Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, since this flick shares a lot of its darkly-comedic-oater DNA. With such a brief running time it’s kinda hard to summarise the plot without spoiling it… suffice to say, Laura Dern stars as a woman taking revenge against the men who’ve wronged her, along with her cute-but-deadly accomplices, played by Basso and Alia Shawkat. It’s a well-crafted piece as it goes, and has been lauded by critics for its “radical feminist” credentials… however, I couldn’t shake the nagging sense that it seemed more like the climactic sequence from a much larger story, or a proof-of-concept demo, rather than a satisfying self-contained story in itself. Thankfully Hoffman and Teitler are currently working on a feature-length “remake”, which will hopefully deliver on the strong potential that they (and their characters) demonstrated here.

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