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The Lounge Kittens, Britain’s foremost/funnest rock/rap-covers act, launched a PledgeMusic campaign this morning to support the recording/release of a new E.P., and by the time I’d read about it, the totaliser was already up to 56%! I attribute that both … Continue reading

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Yui, Adieu

Suspicions were raised when the video for Babymetal’s new single “Distortion” was released in May without a proper shot of the band members in it, and all but confirmed by her absence from the American and European festival tours, but … Continue reading

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“Can I Still Have My Lightsaber Back Though?”

So, t’other day I was searching through various online name generators, when I discovered the YouTube channel of a young “video maker and amateur theme park fan” named Jenny Nicholson. The clip that drew my attention, “How To Make Up … Continue reading

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Too Much Music?

How much music is “too much”? According to my ears, there’s no such thing… but sadly my wallet doesn’t agree! This predicament was made even more painful yesterday, with the release of three great albums to taunt/tempt me… First up … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Carlos Ezquerra (1947 – 2018)

Sad to say, Carlos Ezquerra, the legendary Spanish comic-book artist who co-created futuristic/fascistic lawman Judge Dredd, bounty-hunting mutant Johnny Alpha, and badass vampire “bitch”* Durham Red (among many other characters), has passed into the infinite, at the age of 70. … Continue reading

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