Too Much Music?

Sarah Nixey circa 2018How much music is “too much”? According to my ears, there’s no such thing… but sadly my wallet doesn’t agree! This predicament was made even more painful yesterday, with the release of three great albums to taunt/tempt me…

First up is Sarah Nixey’s Night Walks, featuring the sultry insomniac’s first new solo material since 2011’s Brave Tin Soldiers! Fun fact: The video for lead single “Coming Up For Air” co-stars Nixey’s daughter, Ava, who I was going to say “looks eerily like her”, but it’s not really that “eerie” for relatives to resemble each other, is it?

Next up is Darkness Rains by Death Valley Girls, who I “discovered” when they were announced as a support act for L7’s tour earlier this year. I know it’s superficial and unimaginative to describe someone’s sound by simply comparing them to another existing artist, but lead singer Bonnie Bloomgarden really reminds me of Karen O, back in the good old days…

Then there’s Windhand’s Eternal Return. I’m ashamed to say I’ve only recently turned on to the hypnotic power of “Doom”-y rock/metal, with its relentless/churning bass-lines, and despairing vocals, but I’ve quickly fallen under its demonic spell, and really dig the psychedelic/phantasmagorical videos… though I imagine they’re a lot more fun if you’re drunk/high when you watch them…?

On top of that hat-trick, there’s also Vodun’s voodoo-channeling Ascend, which came out in September… Leader of Down’s Cascade Into Chaos (which boasts two tracks with the late Lemmy Kilmister on lead vocals)… and the forthcoming (retitled) re-release of Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills (aka “Sex, Dope, and Cheap Thrills”) to add to my wish-list! Ack!

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